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Finished Pawchini!

I just love my finished Pawchini!    Wearing it is like a warm and snuggly hug.   It's extreamly petable too,
so SOFT!

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My Pawchini was made with my
 Euphoria Angora Yarn 
and Alchemy Silken Straw.

Blue Moutain Fiber Mill is in the process of making me another batch of Ephoria.  The Shaw family's mill is the only place I trust with my Giant Angora Wool!  They have always transformed my wool into perfect wonderful yarns. 

My Euphoria Giant yarn is a perfect blend!
50% Griant Angora
30% Merino
20% Silk

In the making of the Pawchini

Little lamb, Suzie, is my bottle fed lamb that has been in the house last few weeks. I spent a couple hours yesterday getting her re-acquainted with the other sheep and llamas. Not an easy task, as she wails anytime I duck out of sight. So as I sat by (within her sight), whew...  I was able to knit for a bit. I attended a knitting class a couple weeks ago, featuring Steven Be. Absolutely inspiring! Thanks to Sarah's yarn shop, "Knot Another Hat". I am working on my new version on Steven Be's Ponchini.  I've drafted a scarf to assist in the pattern development.  
I'm calling it the "Pawchini"
Full size Pawchini is to come next... Stay tuned!

First thing I did was to re-read Steven's book, "Ponchini Volume 1".  

** Most of you might beable to relate to this... the inability to really READ.  After years of becoming acclimated to using social media, I am very attuned to skimming.  Reading.... actually really reading, has become very hard!  

There w…