Fuzzy Fun Calendar

* See my Fuzzy Fun Calendar below.  It is created using Google Calendar.  Feel free to share it.  Beware that this calendar is my personal wish list of shows and fiber events.  I may not beable to attend all of these.  It's a list I can fill my day dreams with, and when it's possible, I will attend.  If you are aware of other events that can be added, please contact me and I will add them to the calendar.


The following is a list of events I am planning to attend;

  • 9/2/17 ARBA Show Crescent City, CA
  • 9/10/17 ARBA Show Hermiston, OR
  • 9/16/17 ARBA Show Redmond, OR
  • 10/7/17 NwRSA Spin In, Mt Hood, OR
  • 10/20 - 10/21/17  ARBA Show Albany, OR
  • 10/28/17 ARBA Show Kenniwick, WA 
  • 11/18/17 ARBA Show Eugene, OR
  • 2/17/18 ARBA Show Astoria, OR
  • 3/10/18 ARBA Show Hermiston, OR
  • 3/17/18 ARBA Show Kenniwick, WA
  • 4/21/18 ARBA Show Hood River, OR
  • 5/4 - 5/6/18 ARBA WCC Reno, NV (Angora Nationals! Wheee!)

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