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Felix's Nearly White Coat

Nearly White Wool Great density, but nearly white-no color.  Angora wool should hold color down the shaft.  Blue or black angoras should have grey wool, the longer wool is expected to a lighter color than the face color, but NOT this light!    

Felix's kits have also shown the white spotting on the forehead & nose, in addition to an occasional white toe nail.  All these qualities are absolutely not acceptable for future show animals.
This is a great example a what I do NOT want in our colored giant breeding program.  I have seen coloring issues in many German Angoras too.  For some reason, as they near a year old, the coloration of the longer wool shaft does not refresh like other angora breeds.  Hence, leaving the wool a very light, nearly white color.  Many great German and Giant breeders are making great progress with the colors.  I need to incorporate some of their better stock in my breeding program.  
That being said... Felix's wool is very dense and incredibly soft.…