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Submitting Your Email Show Entry

Ensure you type the date and name of the show in the Subject Line. Never make attachments of your information, please always type your information in the body of your email.
As I get ready to enter all the exhibitors, I can print the group of emails at once. Attachments take extra steps to find the email, open it, and then print it. I’m a big fan of “Easy” Start by typing the following near the top of the body of your email a. Youth or Open b. Exhibitor Name c. Mailing Address d. Email Address e. Note what show; "Show A & B, All Open Shows" Start listing your Rabbit entries.  Feel free to use the suggested abbreviations: a. Tattoo b. Breed; EA = English, FA = French, GA = Giant, SA = Satin c. Variety/Group; C = Colored, W = White d. Age; Jr = Junior, Int = Intermediate, Sr =  Senior e. Sex; D = Doe, B = Buck f. Fur Entry = Fur g. Only one show? make a note which show h. Showing an COD Animal? Example;  TKG22, GA, W, Int, D, Fur
TKF15, GA, W, Int, B, Fur TKH12, GA…

Sanctions, What does it all mean?

ARBA Sanction
The organizers of the rabbit show(Host Club) will need to purchase “ARBA Sanction” to enable the show to be official.  When you show a rabbit in an ARBA sanctioned show, your rabbit can earn official legs.  Earn 3 legs and your rabbit can qualify for ARBA Grand Champion Certificate. * Click here for Betty Chu's Article "Legs & Points"

Breed Sanction The Host Club will pay a fee to the National specialty club, (NARBC for angoras), to purchase the Breed Sanction.  We refer to it as the “Angora Sanction.  The NARBC offers sweepstakes winnings for NARBC members.  Only the Shows that are Angora Sanctioned, will be tallied up for the NARBC sweepstakes.  
If you do not see your breed listed as sanctioned for an ARBA-sanctioned show, here are some things you can do: 1. If you do not participate in the national sweepstakes or do not think you are ready to be nationally competitive in that breed, just show without the specialty sanction. You can still earn legs if the…

Bunny Beanie

Just finished my pink bunny beanie. Knitted with my worsted 50/50% giant angora / merino yarn. I love the feel! So, soft!