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F1, F2, F3, F4, Oh My!

A few helpful hints deciphering the "F" Code.  I have been dabbling in the color world in Giant Angoras.  Due to the lack of abundant quality Colored Giant Angoras, I decided to attempt to make my own.  This whole colored world is a great learning opportunity for me.  As white Giants are REW (Red Eyed White).  You bred REW to REW and get REW.  Pretty simple, well at least the color identification is simple.  As a rabbit breeder with intent and a focused plan, nothing is ever simple.  

This sparked several conversations regarding F1, F2, F3, vs Purebreds.  I hope the following description helps when discussing the crossbreeds and/or Hybrids.  

Hybrid and/or Crossbreed is a Giant Angora that has rabbits of a different breed other than Giants showing in the 4 generation pedigree.  Please don't get hung up on Hybrid vs Crossbreed.  Just remember that both are not purebreds.

F1 is a purebred Giant Angora crossed with a rabbit of a different breed. 

Example: Frank is my purebred G…

Julia's Cabled Headband

What a great pattern!  Love this headband, easy cables, great instructions, & fast knit.  I used my Euphoria Angora Yarn.  This is my all time favorite yarn, sinfully soft blend, a joy to knit, simply "Euphoria"; 50% Giant Angora, 30% Merino, & 20% Silk.  

My yarn stash is getting low, I need to get busy and send more of my bulk Giant Angora Wool.  Thank-You Shaw​'s!  I'll be in contact in a couple weeks ;-)

Click Here to find the pattern on Ravelry.

New Fuzzy Bunny Cabled Hat Pattern

Fuzzy Bunny Cabled Hat By Tammy Vaughn
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Suggested Yarn; Fuzzy Vaughn’s Euphoria DK Angora Yarn, 50% Giant Angora/ 30% Merino/ 20% Silk,  9 WPI.

Needle Size; US 8 cable needle

Bunny Cable Using Circular Needle, working in the round.  

Cast on 66 Sts, this is a great number for the ribbing.  Row 10 you will be making several increases, increasing to 90 Sts total.  The increase in Sts will help with the natural shrinkage when you add in the cabled bunnies in the body of the hat, enabling your hat to fit great.  

Here’s a little math, if you are interested;  Each pattern repeat is 15 Sts.I used 3 Sts(first 3 sts noted in each row) in between each Bunny, which is 12 Sts.  Using 6 Repeats of 15 Sts, will equal 90 Sts.  You can easily add more or less stitches in between each bunny pattern to adjust the size if necessary.

Abbreviations CN;  Cable Needle
HIB;  Hold in Back HIF;  Hold in Front
LH;  Left Hand Needle
M1;  Make one K2tog;  Knit 2 Together

Pyttipanna Shawl

Finished my Pyttipanna Shawl, using my new Summer Colors hand painted by The body colorway is "Copper Kettle"
The lace edge colorway is "Brosa" This yarn is hard to sell, I have a overwhelming urge to hoard it for myself. Love this stuff! Limited supply at my local yarn store in Hoodriver, OR.  "Knot Another Hat"

Finished Pawchini!

I just love my finished Pawchini!    Wearing it is like a warm and snuggly hug.   It's extreamly petable too,
so SOFT!

Click Here to see Modifications to include your Paw Print!

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My Pawchini was made with my
 Euphoria Angora Yarn 
and Alchemy Silken Straw.

Blue Moutain Fiber Mill is in the process of making me another batch of Ephoria.  The Shaw family's mill is the only place I trust with my Giant Angora Wool!  They have always transformed my wool into perfect wonderful yarns. 

My Euphoria Giant yarn is a perfect blend!
50% Griant Angora
30% Merino
20% Silk

In the making of the Pawchini

Little lamb, Suzie, is my bottle fed lamb that has been in the house last few weeks. I spent a couple hours yesterday getting her re-acquainted with the other sheep and llamas. Not an easy task, as she wails anytime I duck out of sight. So as I sat by (within her sight), whew...  I was able to knit for a bit. I attended a knitting class a couple weeks ago, featuring Steven Be. Absolutely inspiring! Thanks to Sarah's yarn shop, "Knot Another Hat". I am working on my new version on Steven Be's Ponchini.  I've drafted a scarf to assist in the pattern development.  
I'm calling it the "Pawchini"
Full size Pawchini is to come next... Stay tuned!

First thing I did was to re-read Steven's book, "Ponchini Volume 1".  

** Most of you might beable to relate to this... the inability to really READ.  After years of becoming acclimated to using social media, I am very attuned to skimming.  Reading.... actually really reading, has become very hard!  

There w…

Stackable Giants

The giant mom as a first timer, wasn't cooperating. She started to eat the kits. I attempted to hand feed them to her for nearly a week. I finally gave up on her and recruited help from my French Angora. Frenchy is stepping up to feed these giants.

Frenchy had her 9 kits about a week earlier. Now Frenchy is feeding these 6 giants in the morning and her own 9 French kits in the evening. So far all is doing great.

This is my first effort using the "Shelving" method. Before, I would be worrying all day & night, not knowing if I would have kits alive the next day or not. Not only worrying about the new mothers, but also the temperatures are very cold, even inside my barn. As the Giant Angoras are so rare, every life is precious.

I can see there is more commitment and labor to do shelving. Although, I really enjoy the hands on every day. I can monitor up close if there is any issues or if a kit isn't eating enough.

As the kits finish feeding, I put …

Princess's kits New Year's Day

Princess's new kits, 2 weeks & 2 days old today. I am assisting her feed, due to her sore nipple.
All kits are doing great. Princess is actually very patient, as long as they stay away from her sore nipple.