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New Fuzzy Bunny Cabled Hat Pattern

Fuzzy Bunny Cabled Hat By Tammy Vaughn
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Suggested Yarn; Fuzzy Vaughn’s Euphoria DK Angora Yarn, 50% Giant Angora/ 30% Merino/ 20% Silk,  9 WPI.

Needle Size; US 8 cable needle

Bunny Cable Using Circular Needle, working in the round.  

Cast on 66 Sts, this is a great number for the ribbing.  Row 10 you will be making several increases, increasing to 90 Sts total.  The increase in Sts will help with the natural shrinkage when you add in the cabled bunnies in the body of the hat, enabling your hat to fit great.  

Here’s a little math, if you are interested;  Each pattern repeat is 15 Sts.I used 3 Sts(first 3 sts noted in each row) in between each Bunny, which is 12 Sts.  Using 6 Repeats of 15 Sts, will equal 90 Sts.  You can easily add more or less stitches in between each bunny pattern to adjust the size if necessary.

Abbreviations CN;  Cable Needle
HIB;  Hold in Back HIF;  Hold in Front
LH;  Left Hand Needle
M1;  Make one K2tog;  Knit 2 Together