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Giant Fuzzy Love Hat

I just loved making my new 
Giant Fuzzy Love Hat! 

Whew what a journey, I have learned a ton!

This hat was inspired by 3 things;    My deep love for my Giant Angoras   My passion to learn new things, such as stranded knitting   My desperate need to use some of my overabundance of yarn stash

Mission accomplished!  Some of my stash has dwindled, well... ummm at least a little bit.  Every little bit helps.  
My Fuzzy Love hat went through several versions, as I struggled not only with the designing, but the reality of knitting stranded color work.  I persevered, and I have learned a great deal! 

The more I learn,  the more I realize how much I don't know.
With the help of several very talented knitting friends, by test knitting and sampling my Euphoria yarn, I have a great pattern to share.  I can now wear my Giant Fuzzy Love Hat with Pride, and you can too!
Click here for to purchase the pattern
In knitting my Giant Fuzzy Love Hats, in a few I used my Euphoria Angora yarn in both colors, and …