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Chestnut COD Has Begun!

We are underway!
Next steps;
1) We will bring Chestnuts to Reno at convention to be examined by the NARBC COD committee.
2) NARBC General membership Vote.
Karin, Kevin, & I will bring the Chestnuts to Reno.
We need your support to spread the good word to all of the NARBC General Membership.When it's time, Vote "YES"!
Then ....
3) 2021 Chestnut's first presentation!

Commercial Body Evaluations

Just one of the many challenges of the Giant Angoras, is to get a great commercial body type underneath a wonderfully dense coat. For fellow Giant Angora breeders, this starts with how to evaluate your Giants. If you are unsure on how a great commercial body type feels like, I would recommend attending a local rabbit show and seek out a New Zealand breeder. Ask them if they could let you have hands on one of their top rabbits. Hands on experience is great.
Here is also couple of my favorite articles;
Hill Rise Rabbitry: Evaluating Adult Rabbits By Amy Hillecke-Watson


To pose the rabbit and get a good photo for evaluation the lighting, background, and surface is key. Sit the rabbit on a piece of carpet, which gives a safe, non-slick surface. It is wise to train them on a small grooming stand or table so they don't have anywhere to wander to while you are teaching them to sit quietly for grooming. The easiest pictures to se…