Fuzzy Vaughn's Critters

My Giant Goals

  1. To make beautiful Giant Angoras that meet the ARBA Standard.
  2. To see the Judges in anguish as they judge my Giants.   When the judges feel them they make funny noises, like "Ahhhh, Ohhhhh, Myyyyy"  Then they feel the next one and do the same... then the next one... same thing... When the judge has looked at the Giants presented, the judge will have a disgusted look and may even possibly scratch his/her head.  Confronted with the task, picking a "Best", when they all are absolutely fantastic.  Not only is the wool perfectly groomed top to bottom, but the underside is just as clean, displaying a huge dense Giant fluffy.  When the judge attempts to locate the body, running their hands over the topline, that is when you will hear the noises generally will start, they find an absolutely rock hard commercial type body under that mountain of goodness wool.  Can we stay and win another BIS?  Oh how exciting!
  3. My Top Breeding Challenges;
    - Senior weight requirement easily met by 8 months
    - Easy maintenance Coat, while being tremendously dense, and must have sensually soft abundant wool
    - Perfect commercial body type
    - Mild, calm, sweet temperament
    - Colors... oh my yes, lets have fantastic colors!
    My goal is to consistently breed 90-99.99% BIS Contenders.  In the future, the challenges listed here will no longer on my immediate radar, as all my rabbits will have all these attributes.
    We have a while to go yet, LOL.  Lots of work to do!
  4. To help spread great quality Giants in the NW, and across the Nation.  Spreading the Giant Fuzzy Love!
  5. TO HAVE FUN!  That actually should be number one!  Without fun, why do it?  Why clean cages? Why cry over lost bunnies?  Why dredge across the countryside in the dead of night for yet another rabbit show?  Why eat dinner with fuzz on your tongue?  Why sleep with fuzz in your nose?   Why smell like rabbit dung even though you only went to the barn for a quick check on kits-then while your back is turned your favorite buck sprays & demonstrates his fondness of you?  
    The list is endless...  Honestly, I know I will not get rich, doing this, it will make my husband much easier to get along with, if I can at least pay for my feed bill.  Bottom line, I am driven primarily in this whole Giant Angora Crazy Fuzziness,  "To Have Fun"!

Proud parents Jean Harlow and Sammy, Kits DOB 5/5/16
I'm thrilled with my little darlings!  Especially excited for my little black kit's coloring!  No spotting what so ever.  This is a first in my barn.  I'm thrilled to see how these guys progress.  Sammy is a stud muffin, beautiful coloring.  Sammy's only fault, is he just in not as big as I want my Giants to be.  Jean more than makes up for his lacking of size.  Both parents provide me with the most amazing maintenance free, and extremely dense, creamy butter soft wool.  LOVE LOVE LOVE'm!

P.S. Sorry everyone!  None of these kits are going to be for sale.  They are all keepers.  Perhaps next year, when they have their own kits, now... then we will be talking... I'm finally getting closer to my goal.

A wise woman once told me as I evaluate my kits, constantly keep in front of your mind... "What do you want a barn full of..."  Yeppers, I want a barn full of these!

Jean's BIS in Emunclaw 3/5/2016
Fuzzy Vaughn's JEAN HARLOW
100% Giant
REW Doe, DOB 3/8/15, 12 lb 8 oz
ARBA Registered and Granded
BIS 3/5/16 Enumclaw, WA Open B
BIS 9/26/15 OFFF Angora Specialty
Rock-hard body with a great commercial type.  
Terrific laid back temperament.   
Wool density is out of this world, just as soft and luscious, 
maintenance free as her mother's, Farrah Fawcett.


Princess is the fuzzy butt in the middle
Fuzzy Vaughn's PRINCESS
100% Giant, 
REW Doe, DOB 3/8/15
ARBA Registered and Granded
BIS on 1/16/16 NWARA Specialty at Spokane, WA
Princess just lacks the size that her sister, Jean has in abundance.
Princess has great commercial type body.  
Temperament needs patience and sometimes heavy gloved feeding hand.
Princess has produced her first litter, keeping our fingers crossed she will mellow. 
Wool density is out of this world, just as soft and luscious, 
maintenance free as her mother's, Farrah Fawcett.

... Update, she finally made Sr weight and is ARBA Registered and is a terrific mother.
Her attitude has soothed a bit.  She is a keeper.  


Sammy enjoying Roosevelt's abundant wind and sun
Dolly Rock Farm's SAMMY DAVIS Jr.
100% Giant
Black Buck, DOB 1/27/14, 9 lb 8 oz
Sammy's body is a terrific commercial type.
Sweet and gentle temperament.   
Wool texture is luscious, dense, buttery soft, oh my, 
I'm drooling just thinking about it...
Maintenance free and the most beautiful black coloring.  
No spotting, black/grey keeps coming back after each shearing, 
producing more luscious sweet deep grey wool!


Farrah looking over the Columbia River and Roosevelt, WA
Dolly Rock Farm's FARRAH FAWCETT
100% Giant
REW Doe, DOB 12/15/13, 11 lb 14 oz
ARBA Registered and Granded
Oh my sweet... sweet Farrah, how I love thee!
Terrific commercial type.
Sweetest and gentle temperament.   
Wool texture is very similar to Sammy's, as it's is also
luscious, dense, buttery soft, oh my, 
I'm drooling again....
Maintenance free and an absolute pleasure to harvest this big girl.
She is also an awesome mother!  
After she earned her Grand Championship, 
she has been very busy making little clones of herself. 
I'm in fuzzy heaven!


Marilyn's to the local Whoop-N-Holler Museum, Bickleton, WA
100% Giant
REW Doe, DOB 11/10/13, 12 lb 8 oz
ARBA Registered
Body is more like her parents, 
Snowbelle & Flash my originals from Louise Walsh, 
low in shoulders and; a big beautiful butt.  
Sweet and gentle temperament.   
Wool texture is very nice, perfect Giant wool texture, 
maintenance free, and easy to harvest.


Fuzzy Vaughn's DORIS DAY
100% Giant
REW Doe, DOB 11/20/15, 11 lb 10 oz
ARBA Registered and Granded
BIS 5/29/16 Portland, OR


Fuzzy Vaughn's GINGER ROGERS
100% Giant
REW Doe, DOB 11/20/15, 11 lb 14 oz
ARBA Registered and Granded
BIS 5/14/16 Emmett, ID


Fuzzy Vaughn's SPLENDA
100% Giant
REW Doe, DOB 2/21/16, 12 lb
ARBA Registered and Granded
2 BIS wins 9/25/16 OFFF
Diamond Award 9/25/16 OFFF

BOB ARBA Convention Del Mar, CA 2016

What can I say about this gal...
She's got the perfect body,
Great wool,
Sweet personality,
and a winner!
Oh come on Splenda, make us more Splenda jrs!


Fuzzy Vaughn's STUDLEY
100% Giant
REW Buck, DOB 2/21/16, 9 lb 5 oz
ARBA Registered and Granded
BIS 3/10/17 Hermiston Angora Specialty


Fuzzy Vaughn's THE DAM FLUFFER
100% Giant
REW Doe, DOB 9/12/16, 12 lb 4 oz
ARBA Registered & Granded
BIS 3/17/17 Chehalis, WA Angora Specialty


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