Chestnut COD Has Begun!

We are underway! Next steps; 1) We will bring Chestnuts to Reno at convention to be examined by the NARBC COD committee. 2) NARBC General membership Vote. Karin, Kevin, & I will bring the Chestnuts to Reno. We need your support to spread the good word to all of the NARBC General Membership. When it's time, Vote "YES"! Then .... 3) 2021 Chestnut's first presentation! A few of the up and coming Chestnuts, lots more underway!

Commercial Body Evaluations

Just one of the many challenges of the Giant Angoras, is to get a great commercial body type underneath a wonderfully dense coat. For fellow Giant Angora breeders, this starts with how to evaluate your Giants. If you are unsure on how a great commercial body type feels like, I would recommend attending a local rabbit show and seek out a New Zealand breeder. Ask them if they could let you have hands on one of their top rabbits. Hands on experience is great. Here is also couple of my favorite articles; Hill Rise Rabbitry: Evaluating Adult Rabbits By Amy Hillecke-Watson How to set up a rabbit correctly for proper evaluation. POSING ANGORA RABBITS FOR BEST EVALUATION By Chris Deshler To pose the rabbit and get a good photo for evaluation the lighting, background, and surface is key. Sit the rabbit on a piece of carpet, which gives a safe, non-slick surface. It is wise to train them on a small grooming stand or table so they don't have anywhere to

Giant Angoras, Made in USA

FROM GERMAN TO GIANT History of the Giant Angora in the USA by Candy Haenszel, February, 1999 Giant Angora is a relatively new breed, yet it's history is already being forgotten.  Research through Angora News , Domestic Rabbits , and correspondence, has yielded the following history of the breed. In the early 1980's, several Angora breeders in the U.S. and Canada, began importing Angora rabbits from different areas of Germany. The Angora News (newsletter of the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club), in 1984 & 1985, ran ads for German Angoras, by Leslie Samson, Erica Lynne, Louise Walsh, Geri Couchman, Sunny Bixby, Shirley Braverman, and Liselotte Lenhart. There was also an article on Germans by Candace Carter from Ontario. These were some of the early breeders of German imports. In the September 1985 edition of Angora News , appeared an article written by Louise Walsh, of Massachusetts, and her proposed Standard for "Commercial Angora (German Type)&quo

Pssssst, you hear about Sinfully Soft?

Have you heard what's come'n?  Wait!  IT'S HERE!!!! Polar White,  Champaign (light fawn),  Petrichor (dark grey),  and a surprising new yarn...  Kissed by Silk! Shhhhh... don't tell anyone...

Giant Fuzzy Love Hat

I just loved making my new  Giant Fuzzy Love Hat!  Whew what a journey, I have learned a ton! My "Happy Place" sitting next to the river knitting This hat was inspired by 3 things;    My deep love for my Giant Angoras    My passion to learn new things, such as stranded knitting    My desperate need to use some of my overabundance of yarn stash Using my Homespun Yarn; Fawn color is 100% Giant Angora Boucle Green is Giant Angora Blend 3 ply Mission accomplished!  Some of my stash has dwindled, well... ummm at least a little bit.  Every little bit helps.   My Fuzzy Love hat went through several versions, as I struggled not only with the designing, but the reality of knitting stranded color work.  I persevered, and I have learned a great deal!  My final version of "Fuzzy Love" Bingo! The more I learn,  the more I realize how much I don't know. With the help of several very talented knitting friends, b

F1, F2, F3, F4, Oh My!

A few helpful hints deciphering the "F" Code.  I have been dabbling in the color world in Giant Angoras.  Due to the lack of abundant quality Colored Giant Angoras, I decided to attempt to make my own.  This whole colored world is a great learning opportunity for me.  As white Giants are REW (Red Eyed White).  You bred REW to REW and get REW.  Pretty simple, well at least the color identification is simple.  As a rabbit breeder with intent and a focused plan, nothing is ever simple.   This sparked several conversations regarding F1, F2, F3, vs Purebreds.  I hope the following description helps when discussing the crossbreeds and/or Hybrids.   Hybrid and/or Crossbreed is a Giant Angora that has rabbits of a different breed other than Giants showing in the 4 generation pedigree.  Please don't get hung up on Hybrid vs Crossbreed.  Just remember that both are not purebreds.     F1 is a purebred Giant Angora crossed with a rabbit of a different breed.      Example:

Julia's Cabled Headband

What a great pattern!  Love this headband, easy cables, great instructions, & fast knit.  I used my Euphoria Angora Yarn.  This is my all time favorite yarn, sinfully soft blend, a joy to knit, simply "Euphoria"; 50% Giant Angora, 30% Merino, & 20% Silk.   My yarn stash is getting low, I need to get busy and send more of my bulk Giant Angora Wool.  Thank-You Shaw​'s!  I'll be in contact in a couple weeks ;-) Click Here to find the pattern on Ravelry.