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New Hand Spun Yarn

Thanks for a great job, by Somer Snider! Someday I hope to spin this beautifully!
Now, I just need to start knitting ;-)
Oh my what should I make?

Sammy & Liz's Kits, DOB 1/7/15


Fuzzy Vaughn's Mr. Bojangles

Mr. Bojangles, aka "Bobo", TKC15, F1, 50% German /Giant, DOB 4/15/14.  Parents are Snowbelle & Golden.    1/25/14 - 12 lb 8 oz, 9 months old.  Bobo is not a happy camper today, as I am attempting to remove his lovely Pee face.  If I can get him cleaned up, he might go to the show in St. Helens.

Fuzzy Vaughn's TKC29


Fuzzy Vaughn's TKC30


Fuzzy Vayghn's TKC27


Fuzzy Vaughn's TKC32


Fuzzy Vaughn's TKC24


Fuzzy Vaughn's TKC25


Fuzzy Vaughn's TKC26


Snowbelle & Sammy's Kits, DOB 10/23/14

Giant Kits DOB 10/23/14
* Evergreen's Snowbelle; REW doe, DOB 1/11/13, Registered, Granded, Sr weight 11 lb 14 oz.
* Dolly Rock Farm's Sammy Davis Jr; Black buck, DOB 1/27/14, Sr weight 9 lb 8 oz. 

Marilyn Monroe & Flash's kits, DOB 10/24/14

Giant Kits DOB 10/24/14
* Fuzzy Vaughn's Marilyn Monroe, REW doe, DOB 11/10/13, Registered , Sr weight 12 lb 8oz.
* Evergreen's Flash; REW buck, DOB 12/11/12, Registered, Sr weight 10 lb 2oz.

My Sweet Agouti Giant Doe

Oh what beautiful rings of color.  She is one of the kits from Snowbelle & Sammy, TKC22, DOB 10/23/14.

Dustibunni's Hazel

My beautiful chocolate giant. Thank you Colleen Wagner!  Love love love her!

2015 Fresh New Year

Here we go into a new year!  As I reflect on last year, I had a whopping great time.  I'm feeling healthier than I have in years.

I am loving all my critters; llamas, baby doll sheep,  huge fuzzy rabbits,  chickens,  cats, & dogs. My adorable husband, he is my favorite person on the planet! He is more than I could have ever dreamed possible. The most amazing part... is that he loves me! Totally incredible!  Well lover, if you read this, let me tell you once again, how much I appreciate everything you do for me.  Everyday is made brighter just knowing you are in my life.  "Love you Darling!"

Moving onto yet more warm and fuzzy topics... My lovely angoras.  2014 was first year actively showing my Giant Angoras,  and what a great year it was! I helped organize the new NWARA (north west angora rabbit association), and now I am the group's secretary.  I have met so many great people, this has just been a terrific year.

Now as I look ahead, this coming year will be…