1/31/15 St. Helen's Show

Macen's Hulk Hogan Got BOB in Youth!
My Farrah Fawcett got BOB in both Shows A & B, she is such a diva!
My Mr. Bojangles (aka Bobo) Got BOS in both Shows A & B!
No drulling, my Bobo is growing up ;-)
From Left to Right;

Oceanside's Sparkle, Owned by Heather Campbell

Thistlebrook's Datura, Owned by Heather Campbell

My very own Fuzzy Vaughn's Farrah Fawcett
Macen staying warm with Bobo's help.

Macen is thinking "Ohhh Love'n the Warm Hands"
Bobo is thinking "Ohhh Love'n the Warm Hugs"
This is what you call a  "Win Win"

Poor Farrah! Squished!