Sanctions, What does it all mean?

ARBA Sanction

The organizers of the rabbit show(Host Club) will need to purchase “ARBA Sanction” to enable the show to be official.  When you show a rabbit in an ARBA sanctioned show, your rabbit can earn official legs.  Earn 3 legs and your rabbit can qualify for ARBA Grand Champion Certificate.
Breed Sanction
The Host Club will pay a fee to the National specialty club, (NARBC for angoras), to purchase the Breed Sanction.  We refer to it as the “Angora Sanction.  The NARBC offers sweepstakes winnings for NARBC members.  Only the Shows that are Angora Sanctioned, will be tallied up for the NARBC sweepstakes.  

If you do not see your breed listed as sanctioned for an ARBA-sanctioned show, here are some things you can do:
1. If you do not participate in the national sweepstakes or do not think you are ready to be nationally competitive in that breed, just show without the specialty sanction. You can still earn legs if there are at least two other exhibitors and five rabbits. You can still have a chance to compete for the Best in Show award.
2. Ask the Hosting Club to sanction your breed. Sometimes a club is not aware of the interest.  Also check with NWARA(NW Angora Rabbit Association), they may also assist in obtaining the Breed Sanction.
3. Talk to others who show your breed and encourage them to show with you. The more interest there is the more likely a club will be to sanction your breed.
4. Offer to pay the sanction fee yourself. Find other breeders to share the cost, if necessary.
Regardless of your choice, be sure to talk to the Hosting Club early.  The Clubs need plenty of time to purchase the sanctions, publish the breed sanctions in the show catalog.  The show superintendent also need to know about additional breeds for scheduling judges.