Submitting Your Email Show Entry

  1. Ensure you type the date and name of the show in the Subject Line.
  2. Never make attachments of your information, please always type your information in the body of your email.

    As I get ready to enter all the exhibitors, I can print the group of emails at once. Attachments take extra steps to find the email, open it, and then print it. I’m a big fan of “Easy”
  3. Start by typing the following near the top of the body of your email a. Youth or Open b. Exhibitor Name c. Mailing Address d. Email Address e. Note what show; "Show A & B, All Open Shows"
  4. Start listing your Rabbit entries.  Feel free to use the suggested abbreviations: a. Tattoo b. Breed; EA = English, FA = French, GA = Giant, SA = Satin c. Variety/Group; C = Colored, W = White d. Age; Jr = Junior, Int = Intermediate, Sr =  Senior e. Sex; D = Doe, B = Buck f. Fur Entry = Fur g. Only one show? make a note which show h. Showing an COD Animal?
TKG22, GA, W, Int, D, Fur
TKF15, GA, W, Int, B, Fur TKH12, GA, C, J, D, COD, Colored GA
DARLIN, FA, C, Jr, D, Show A Only
BEAUT, SA, C, Jr, D, COD, Broken

  1. Once I have all the entered all the entries, I will email your exhibitor Check-In Sheet.  Please CHECK this report!   Whether it is your mistake or mine, it is MUCH easier to correct things before I print the judging sheets.  Once you receive your Check-In Sheet, you will also see the total $ owed.
  2.  You can pay via PayPal “”  or see me at the show & pay me before the show starts.
  3. We usually offer Day of Show entries.  It costs more per entry, because it takes a lot more work.  It’s easier on your checkbook and my writing hand if we can get all your entries entered correctly ahead of time.  But if you have that one or 2 beautiful fuzzies, just begging to go play at the last minute, by all means bring them!
  4. Now all that needs done, is to groom those fuzzy beauties and pack for the show!