Stackable Giants

The giant mom as a first timer, wasn't cooperating. She started to eat the kits. I attempted to hand feed them to her for nearly a week. I finally gave up on her and recruited help from my French Angora. Frenchy is stepping up to feed these giants.

Frenchy had her 9 kits about a week earlier. Now Frenchy is feeding these 6 giants in the morning and her own 9 French kits in the evening. So far all is doing great.

This is my first effort using the "Shelving" method. Before, I would be worrying all day & night, not knowing if I would have kits alive the next day or not. Not only worrying about the new mothers, but also the temperatures are very cold, even inside my barn. As the Giant Angoras are so rare, every life is precious.

I can see there is more commitment and labor to do shelving. Although, I really enjoy the hands on every day. I can monitor up close if there is any issues or if a kit isn't eating enough.

As the kits finish feeding, I put them back in their bed in their shelf. The shelving unit is in our spare bedroom which is warm and quiet. Our dogs get a sneak peak occasionally with supervision during feeding time. Especially Bear, she's got to know exactly what's going on at all times. LOL