In the making of the Pawchini

Little lamb, Suzie, is my bottle fed lamb that has been in the house last few weeks. I spent a couple hours yesterday getting her re-acquainted with the other sheep and llamas. Not an easy task, as she wails anytime I duck out of sight. So as I sat by (within her sight), whew... 
I was able to knit for a bit.
I attended a knitting class a couple weeks ago, featuring Steven Be. Absolutely inspiring! Thanks to Sarah's yarn shop, "Knot Another Hat".
I am working on my new version on Steven Be's Ponchini. 
I've drafted a scarf to assist in the pattern development.  

I'm calling it the "Pawchini"

Full size Pawchini is to come next... Stay tuned!

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First thing I did was to re-read Steven's book, "Ponchini Volume 1".  

** Most of you might beable to relate to this... the inability to really READ.  After years of becoming acclimated to using social media, I am very attuned to skimming.  Reading.... actually really reading, has become very hard!  

There was several things that I tried to keep in mind, 
while remembering some of Steven's teachings;

* Keep it simple, mindless knitting project for TV watching
 (or just snuggling with your pet lamb)
* Use Steven's Ponchini as the basic design

* Color, bling, make it a fun knit
* Use my favorite Ephoria yarn

I started by looking back on some of the projects I have knitted, and also surfing the net for ideas.  Searching for ideas on what to use to make my own version of StevenBe's Ponchini.  I used the Eyelet Ponchini as my base pattern.

Then I ran across the paw print knitted pattern, and I fell in love.  It was perfect!  I love animals, it was a lacy affect, and I could chart it to make it work.  Yea!

First I broke out the graph paper, then the yarn.  
I decided to make a scarf first using some of the basic design eliments from 
Steven's patterns.... after several versions, it was working, finally!
I only ripped out the scarf a half dozen times, by the time I decided I was ready to 


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Working on my Pawchini, with my sidekick Suzie, my bottle baby lamb.

I am creating my Pawchini while knitting with two strands.  
One is my new DK Ephoria Giant Angora yarn and second is Alchemy Silken Straw. 
This is absolutley heavenly to knit.

My Ephoria yarn is just like the name... Ephoria!
Constisting of 50% Giant Angora, 30% Merino, and 20% Silk.

Silken Straw by Alchemy is a flat ribbon-like yarn that softens as you knit,
wash and wear it.
After I saw and FELT the Ponchinis StevenBe made with this yarn,
I had to give it a try.
This is a bit spendy yarn, but it is absolutley worth it by bringing a wonderful
texture and crispness to my project!

StevenBe's class was absolutely terrific!  
Steven is inspiring, refreshing, with his new and bright ideas.  
Perfect for dusting off the ol' winter blues and 
getting ready for more sunny days of spring!

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Life is tough here at the Vaughn homestead.

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Loving my colors!  I can't wait to get this finished.  
Although, this is one project I love to have on my lap while it's in progress.  Occasionally I just stop to pet it and sigh... Ahhhhh.  Sooooo Soft and warm....